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Important information
P2Nex will soon be renamed into ANOON.
We are currently working on extended services and a new, even more user oriented UI. The new website will be launched soon under the new brand name ANOON. All existing P2Nex users / accounts / wallets will be migrated automatically, and this site will be redirected.
We will keep you informed.
P2Nex is easy to use
You have to logon (sign up) to create and access your personal wallets. Wallets in P2Nex are some how comparable to Bitcoin wallets. Thus you can keep currency in a wallet and you can perform transfers from one wallet to another. Additionally you can release or collect splinters from a wallet.
Splinters are like money - meaning free cash, which is not kept within a bank account. Splinters can be transfered from one owner to another. You can combine splinters, or you can split them (similar to changing money in bigger notes or smaller coins). And similar to money, everybody can be an owner - therefore, no P2Nex account is required, and there is no need to sign up (for splinters).
For bitcoins the minimum withdraw (transfer from P2Nex to public blockchain) is 100,000 Satoshi (1.0 mBTC) since the mining fee is set to 10,000 (0.1 mBTC).
not logged on - anonymous access
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